Why ShutterStock

Why Shutterstock

As a photographer – I first experimented with the why shutterstock idea: why not? Upload a few images to see what happens, get approved as a contributor, it’s not like my entire archive is essential to my artistic career after all. As a graphic designer, there’s a much larger benefit to being a customer to […]

Spec Sheet / Cut Sheet

Spec Sheet Design

Spec Sheet Design Spec sheets, also called cut sheets, are the simplest ways to present products in person, without the product. From direct sales consultants to a customer needing to present your product at their next meeting. It is not professional to print your website page – or to expect a digital copy is the only acceptable form […]

Blog Website Design

Blog Website Simple Theme

A recent request was for a simple blog website design on wordpress, got it. The Blog is Not Always Better – Everyday Examples of How We Can Approve. This uses custom child theme designed here. The design is mostly formed around .css and some editing of the php files of the header, footer, and a […]

Multi Store Location Restaurant Website

Multi Store Location Restaurant Website Having trouble figuring out a multi store restaurant website – there’s a lot to it! Each store needs it’s own checkout process, and one website – it can be done! Easily: each store needs their own email notifications, each manager needs to be able to refund the order (just in-case), each […]

Logo Design – ULTRAcomp

ULTRAcomp Logo Design

The Complexity of Logo Design I wanted to share a little bit of information when it comes to logo design. It sounds simple, but design work requires an on point attention to detail to make your client and his or her customers happy. A logo represents the core identity of any company. Always conceptualize the brand […]