Freelance Design Loyalty Program

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The Freelance Design Loyalty Program – All In One Shop

The Freelance Design Loyalty Program was created to innovate brands between eCommerce, Graphic Design, and Product Photography. A minimum of 10 hours of work monthly is Required. This subscription was created on the principal for consistency of design for the brand. This allows small businesses and manufactures to have a quick turn around when needed. As business is evolving changing by the minute – there is support here.  This establishes a consistent relation with Circle Shift, Alan R. Smith, to continue long term branding goals.


Branding Goals:

  • Archiving of all digital assets and files
  • Longterm brand development
  • Consistency of design work across all mediums
  • Content Marketing


  • eMail Marketing, from design to sending
  • Website Banners
  • Social Media Content
  • Shop Design work (from uploading assets to product creation and brand design)
  • Image resizing
  • Website Design and Creation
  • Platforms: WooCommerce / Shopify
  • Point of Sale to Shipping

Product Photography

  • Pure white background product photographs
  • Editorial still life photography
  • Need something done for an ad – or a new product for the website: “ship it and flip it”

Graphic Design

  • Booth Content: large banners, table tents, flyers, signs, etc.
  • Packaging: boxes, labels, hang tags, instructions, inserts, dealer racks, etc.
  • Branding: brand guides, logo design, business cards, catalogs, etc.
  • Ads: magazine, facebook, google, etc

On-Site Locations are included for Kentucky from Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, to Louisville!