Circle Shift is simply an idea that design requires consistency (circle) and change (shift). Alan R. Smith graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.A. in Visual Communications and concentration in photography. He is an Alumni of the National Outdoor Leadership School, see a TED talk on his trip here.  Alan’s passion is in creation. As a freelance designer, he has experienced the inside workings of multiple industrial leaders and offers a creative twist from consulting to getting content created.

Circle Shift Experience

Product Photography

Instructional, in-use, to white backdrop photography.
Product Photography Samples

Graphic Design

Everything Branding: Logos, catalogs, boxes, to website graphics.
Graphic Design


All of this ties into websites – especially when creating an eCommerce platform. Well experienced in WooCommerce, wordpress, platforms – especially with minor development elements and especially website administration.


Email Marketing, Facebook backend advertising, to staring down reports analytics to understand trends and how demographics interact with websites.


Circle Shift is about this change and experience.